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>Greetings all,
>    I have been corresponding with Duane from cacert who will be in 
>Boston for USENIX. He is going to be able to arrange transport 
>down for 
>the July 4th weekend. Unfortunately h has a very limited 
>schedule, as he 
>must return to Boston to catch his flight back to AU.  I've 
>offered for 
>him to crash at my place on the 4th and then hope the rail into work 
>with my Monday morning.  Do a bunch of certs then head later that 
>afternoon back to Boston so he ca make his flight back home.
>    So how many people from this list and the nylug and nyphp would be 
>willing to stop by my office, or even a diner and have an breakfast 
>    The goal is to get at least 20 people all together.  Please cross 
>post this out to all of the NY and Northern NJ , and even Southern CT 
>mailing lists you know.  Those who complete this step will 
>become local 
>assurers for CAcert.

Great MK. . .

I'll be at USENIX, as you guys know, so maybe he could stop by the
BSDMall table. . .Monday through Wednesday. ..


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