[nycbug-talk] flier for Dru's BSD Hacks book . . .

G. Rosamond george
Fri Jun 11 11:51:53 EDT 2004


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>* G. Rosamond <george at sddi.net> [20040609 21:22]:
>> Finally, there's a book aimed almost completely just at 
>sysadmins, but
>> it also has much useful stuff for developers and end-users.
>> i'm doing the review for Daemon News and Slashdot. . .just 
>built a test
>> FBSD 5.2.1 box to use just for the book.
>You wanker! That's my idea from two weeks or more. 8)
>Seriously, I read the pdf and thought, Man, this book is so nice.
>Thought about that one person ~2 months ago who asked on updating ports
>from source and cvs solutions yet miniscule onboard storage 
>I'll take one of those books, Mike. This one beckons me.
>   John

Glad to see you're as excited as I am about this book John. . .

You're gonna do a review. . .right?


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