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G. Rosamond george
Sat Jun 12 23:11:33 EDT 2004


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>Thanks to George and Ike for stopping by last night.
>I certainly got my money's worth in tech talk and tips.
>I've been doing the solitary consultant thing for a while, so it was
>good bouncing ideas off those two, while we were going through the
>I'd be up to hosting another such event later in the summer if there is
>interest.  I like the hands-on experience of going through problems
>in a small group.
>Hardware report:
>The Mylex Raid controller seems flaky to me.  It lost the raid
>configuration, and I had to do a little unplug cable, clear 
>config dance
>to get the volume back.  When we got the install down on the raid5
>volume, we couldn't boot off of it.
>We ended up ripping out the controller and plugging the 3 SCSI disks
>into the adaptec controller on the Mobo.  Got a default install on the
>first scsi disk.  I'm playing around with getting a Vinum volume (or
>plex) on the other two.  If that works I'll try to put all three disks
>into a Vinum volume, by booting off a spare ide drive.  But my newness
>to BSD slows me down at times ;)
>(I couldn't find how to put the Mylex controller into JBOD mode to try
>vinum through that controller)

Let's schedule an actual date, say in July on a Saturday. . .a little
more advanced planning could help attendence.

it's a great location, a block and a half from the c train, 20 minutes
from manhattan.

nice loft, sdsl in the place. . .

How about Friday night, July 9th, the Friday after the July NYCBUG

I'd be willing to do it at my place also. . .

We could do some tutorials, and bring your hardware if you want to do an


Thanks again Marco, and thanks again to your better half for the dinner,
which was unexpected and very much appreciated. . .


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