[nycbug-talk] IRC revisited

Pete Wright pete
Thu Jun 17 09:50:59 EDT 2004

Sunny Dubey wrote:

>When a /nick is DEregistered, the channels registered with it become 
>DEregistered as well.  Meaning that if "crohnik" is deregistered because he 
>hasn't been seen on IRC for a while, #nycbug also becomes DEregistered.  
>(whch means that people can talk in it and stuff, but no one can take 
>control of the channel if an issue or event happens.)

so i guess we should ask if crohnik is on the mailing list, sorry i'm 
sure who you are on the list.  if you are, could you make sure that 
#nycbug does not get deregistered until we get everything sorted out?


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