[nycbug-talk] CF card for soekris boxen

Isaac Levy ike
Thu Jun 17 16:35:52 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Thought I'd put a shout out to the list, was just pricing CF cards that  
would work as HD for the soekris boards, and found these inexpensive,  
nice looking, 2.2gig cards for around $160 each- (The 4gb cards'  
prices, forgeddaboutit' IMHO)


found through pricewatch,

Anyhow, thought I'd shout out to the list because these looked pretty  
darned inexpensive to me, but I don't know squat about CF cards, so any  
comments/experiences are much appreciated...  Do these things look  
sane?  Are CF cards even the way to go when building network  
firewalls/routers (and space for even full size HD's is no big  
deal...)- Are they actually easier to work with than HD's?

August meeting should be fun answering some of this stuff...
(In the meantime I'm staring at my old iPod sitting next to a torx  
driver on the desk here...)


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