[nycbug-talk] CF card for soekris boxen

Kit Halsted kit
Thu Jun 17 17:32:19 EDT 2004

At 4:35 PM -0400 6/17/04, Isaac Levy wrote:
>Are CF cards even the way to go when building network 
>firewalls/routers (and space for even full size HD's is no big 
>deal...)- Are they actually easier to work with than HD's?

Just from reading the OBSD list, they're definitely harder to use 
than regular HDs. Gotta mount 'em RO due to the limited number of 
write cycles, etc. The big advantage is that they're cool & quiet 
compared to something with spinning platters inside.

>August meeting should be fun answering some of this stuff...
>(In the meantime I'm staring at my old iPod sitting next to a torx 
>driver on the desk here...)

Torx driver won't do you much good there. You need a "nylon tool" to 
crack that puppy.

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