[nycbug-talk] WWDC representation for NYCBUG

mikel king mikel.king
Mon Jun 21 11:06:37 EDT 2004

Bob Ippolito wrote:

> I'm attending WWDC later this month (28th-2nd), and I know a lot of 
> you own or maintain Apple gear, so I was wondering if there are any 
> pressing questions or issues that you all have that I can take with me 
> to San Fran.  I'm quasi-officially representing the MacPython 
> community on my ticket, but I'm sure I could be of some service to the 
> local BSD community as well.
> As the title suggests, this is a developers conference, so I will be 
> speaking with mostly engineers.  Questions and comments about Apple's 
> legal/political stance do not apply.  Also, it should be obvious that 
> it's hardly even worth asking questions about Apple's future plans 
> (beyond the Tiger release, anyway).  You've got a full week to come up 
> with stuff, so take your time.  If it's about a technical issue please 
> do a little research first (Google is your friend?) to make sure that 
> we're not asking for answers already available.
> Additionally, since I am and will be under NDA, I may not be able to 
> completely answer all inquiries immediately upon my return as some of 
> the information may be dependent on information Apple has not yet made 
> public which I will not legally be allowed to disclose.   However, I 
> assure you that questions asked and comments raised are better than 
> those never heard :)
> -bo
> b
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