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Trish Lynch trish
Mon Sep 6 20:31:38 EDT 2004

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004 rick.poach.nycbug at nixfixers.com wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Just found out about you and signed up today.
> I live in central CT so I could make it down
> to a meeting in NYC from time to time.
> Running OpenBSD 3.5 & FreeBSD 4.9 at home.
> Currently reading No Starch Press, Absolute OpenBSD.
> Work in a solaris/windows shop, no chance at all
> for migration to a BSD there :(

You would be very surprised at where you can sneak a little BSD in here or
there. Especially if they're openmimded to other Open Source OS's.

ABC's Enhanced TV is now mostly run on FreeBSD, and the new place I'm
working is in the process of migrating 4.x boxes to 5.x boxes.

Its kinda nice, and since I have such a rep for shaping up networks and IT
infrastructure for the last few companies I worked at (including
OSDN/Slashdot) and have a professional track record with implementing the
BSDs in heterogeneous networks, people are more willing to listen to my
opinion :)

> Like the look of the page.
> It's good to finally see a BSD ug around.

There was one a few years ago, geared mostly to the developer/high level
person who liked to have decent tech conversation over dinner and laptops.

However it fell apart when I moved away, mostly because nobody else was
willing to take on the organizational role. George and Co. have done an
amazing job getting this one off the ground, and I commend them greatly!

If they want all the old photos I have of the "special occasions" with
FUNY (or later known as BUNY) which involved dinner with Dag-Erling
Smorgrav and dinner with Luigi Rizzo, I'll see if I can dig out my


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