[nycbug-talk] Hello nycbug

rick.poach.nycbug at nixfixers.com rick.poach.nycbug
Sun Sep 5 13:33:53 EDT 2004

>So far I'm using FreeBSD for the following:
>    - A router/firewall for a /22
I'm using OpenBSD's pf for my firewall.
I got the authpf and queuing running with it as well.

>    - My computer @ work and my computer @ home run FreeBSD.

>I really love it :)  But I'd love to learn more. 
I mentioned I'm currently reading 'Absolute OpenBSD'
published by No Starch Press. Great book, pointed and funny.
They also publish, by the same author, 'Absolute BSD'
which is the FreeBSD version. Might be worth a look.


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