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Pete Wright pete
Mon Sep 20 11:25:26 EDT 2004

George Georgalis wrote:

>On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 01:28:02AM -0400, John Bacall wrote:
>>Sh_t, I still have to make it down TO get that copy of "BSD Hacks", as I told 
>>Gee months ago I would, and write that review.
>humm, I did write a review of the bsd hacks copy I won, to whom should I
>send it, once I type it in? (give me 48 hours) oooh, gee r. leme see if
>I can find his addy,
if you promised to do a review for the BUG then feel free to email it to 
talk.  If it is too long for an email i would post it on a personal 
website if avail, if you do not have one i could host an account for 
ya.  hopefully the powers that be will catch the post and throw it up on 
the www.nycbug.org site.


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