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Dru dlavigne6
Sat Sep 25 11:04:42 EDT 2004

As suggested, here's the list of the books I'm bringing sorta organized 
by topic. Does anyone want to organize who gets first dibs on what?



1-884133-32-0		1001 Java Programmer's Tips
0-7897-0935-X		Hacking Java
0-7821-2069-5		Java 1.1 Certification Study Guide
1-886411-36-0		The Book of Javascript
0-7821-1919-0		Java 1.1 Developer's Handbook
0-672-31407-X		Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours
0-13-272287-9		Instant Java

1-861000-15-4		Professional MFC with Visual C++ 6
0-07-881346-8		Turbo C: The Complete Reference
0-07-881280-1		Advanced Turbo C
1-85032-917-6		Official PowerBuilder 6 Fundamentals
PB3-ED01-1		Introduction to PowerBuilder lab book
0-7897-2565-7		Certified ColdFusion Developer Study Guide
0-7897-1810-3		Advanced ColdFusion Application Development
0-7897-1542-2		Using VisualBasic 6
0-672-31500-9		Teach Yourself Microsoft Frontpage 2000 in 24 Hours
0-201-31018-X		Hands-On KornShell93 Programming


1-57176-216-7		The Complete FreeBSD (_extremely_ well used!)
1-57870-259-3		Solaris 8 System Administrator Certification
1-57870-261-5		Solaris 8 Network Administration Certification
1-961002-87-4		Professional Linux Deployment
0-7897-1632-1		Using Unix
0-7645-0420-7		Unix for Dummies Quick Reference
0-8053-7566-X		Unix System V: A Practical Guide
1-56592-127-5		Essential System Administration
1-59059-212-3		Automating Unix and Linux Administration


0-619-00027-9		A Guide to Oracle 8
1-57610-269-6		Administering SQL Server 7
0-201-19940-8		Analysis and Comparison of Relational Database Systems


0-201-09290-5		Telecommunications: Protocols and Design
0-471-31499-4		ISP Survival Guide
0-13-014295-6		The Essential Guide to Telecommunications
0-201-48524-9		Frame Relay: Technology and Practice
0-13-783499-3		RS-232 Simplified
1-56276-057-2		Get a Grip on Network Cabling
0-7821-2647-2		CCNA Study Guide (outdated for exam, excellent reference)
1-55615-806-8		Networking Essentials Study Kit
1-56592-871-7		Building Internet Firewalls
1-56592-449-5		Using Samba
11N3-0200A-WWEN		OpenVms and Windows NT Integration


0-471-53012-3		Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide
0-7895-6251-0		Office 2000: Introductory Concepts & Techniques
 			Adobe Illustrator 9.0 Educational Kit
0-201-71015-3		Adobe Illustrator 9.0 Classroom in a Book

Student Manuals for:

- WWW Site Design and Development Using JavaScript
- Unix System V Release 4: Introduction
- Solutions, Development, Logic and Techniques

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