[nycbug-talk] used/cheap computers in nyc?

Kliment Andreev klimenta
Tue Sep 21 23:28:48 EDT 2004

N. Thomas wrote:

> I'd rather not go the Ebay route if I have other options...can anyone
> recommend a place in NYC that sells used (i.e. sub-$100) machines? Is
> Tiger Direct a good place to buy from?

If you don't mind driving around you can always find cheap PCs. Read the 
newspapers. I was a long time TigerDirect customer but they are charging 
too much for S&H. Once, I even opted for some fradulent long-distance 
crap. Mind the checkout and always read what do you agree. You can check 
www.pricewatch.com, realy cheap equipment. You'll end at some 
yahoo.store, and the shippments are usually from CA, but hey, they are 
el cheapo store. :)

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