[nycbug-talk] used/cheap computers in nyc?

Kit Halsted kit
Tue Sep 21 23:42:13 EDT 2004

I would avoid Tiger Direct, they've been horribly overpriced every 
time I've compared them to other sources. Sub-$100 machines aren't 
widely available from stores, they take up too much space for what 
they're worth. Most of what I've bought for BSD stuff has been 
roll-your-own parts, but sometimes I've bought sub-$500 machines from 
computergeeks.com, & I just told a client who needed a new XP box to 
pick up an eMachines box from J&R for $450-ish. >2GHz Celeron with an 
Intel NIC on board, looks like better quality components than a lot 
of name-brand boxen out there.

All that being said, first $50 takes my P-II/450 with 440BX board.  ;)


At 9:48 PM -0400 9/21/04, N. Thomas wrote:
>So after attemping to add a new 40GiB drive to an old (ca. 1998) system
>I had that was running FreeBSD 5.2.1, I discovered that the bios
>couldn't handle large disks. In short, I attempted to flash the bios and
>now I have a really awesome paperweight sitting on my desk. =-)
>Rather than attempting to salvage the thing, I'm cannibalizing it for
>parts and I want to get a used machine.
>I'd rather not go the Ebay route if I have other options...can anyone
>recommend a place in NYC that sells used (i.e. sub-$100) machines? Is
>Tiger Direct a good place to buy from?
>Any advice appreciated...

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