[nycbug-talk] Re: [macosx-unix] Airport network

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Sep 24 00:29:26 EDT 2004

Hi Marco,

BER just grabbed me on the wire and he found mad docs covering your 
specific problems.

On Sep 23, 2004, at 10:59 PM, Brian Redman wrote:

> The Airport Extremes can be extended with other Extremes or Expresses 
> but I haven't got it to work for bridging.  I think Apple calls it 
> WDS.

Here's an apple doc. about how to do it:


> On the Windows WEP thing there may be an apple kb article on how to 
> have them enter the password for WEP.

Sharing with other wireless computers, getting mad hexadcimal:


> I'll reread marco's post and research these after I finish the lesmuug 
> mailing or tomorrow unless you want to do it first.
> Or did I miss what marco was asking about?
> 	ber

Nope, 2 nails right on the head BER.  They should call you the hound 

Good luck Marco-


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