[nycbug-talk] Travel advice. . .

Matt Juszczak matt
Tue Sep 28 11:32:04 EDT 2004

Same thing happened to me in Belize.  The internet cafe's in Belize City 
are very inexpensive, but I sometimes worry about security, since their 
entire Internet and telephone stuff is monopolized by a single company.

I think I paid $1 for 30 minutes of internet usage.


On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, G.Rosamond wrote:

> Some basic travel points useful when leaving the US. . .
> 1.  make sure your passwd doesn't contain funky characters.  it's a real 
> hassle dealing with different keyboards, character mappings, etc.  I had 
> enormous hassles, and couldn't explain in Spanish, nor probably to a non-tech 
> in English, that I couldn't type my passwords since they are complicated and 
> contain funky characters. . . .and my passwords are more trained rhythms than 
> anything else. . .
> 2.  get to know the local staff of the internet cafes, if possible. . .good 
> place to find out basics of connectivity, etc.  Apparently, in Costa Rica, 
> you can get a cable connectivity at 2 meg up and down for 15000 colones a 
> month. . .about $33 dollars. . .and I think that was with a static ip.  But 
> of course the language barrier could mean I'm completely wrong.
> 3.  make sure you turn off auto complete, clear the cache, cookies, history, 
> etc in Internet Explorer, which you'll probably be using.  and beware of 
> spyware on the boxes.  although lack of security meant that I could easily 
> install putty for ssh on any box. . .
> 4.  Since we are the types to be in internet cafes with some frequency, 
> getting to know the local staff also can get you some massive discounts. . 
> .for instance, i was once charged 200 colones instead of 300 colones a few 
> times. . .$1 is about 445 colones, so that is about $.18 cents.
> That's it for now. . .
> g
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