[nycbug-talk] cfengine user sought

pete at nomadlogic.org pete
Fri Sep 24 15:03:38 EDT 2004

> I have found that this book has been quite helpfull getting my head around
> cfengine, as well as many tasks a sysadmin may run into during automation
> tasks:
> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1590592123/kaybee-20/104-2880935-4383963?creative=125581&camp=2321&link_code=as1
> there is a reveiw here:
> http://sun.systemnews.com/articles/68/1/bk/11029

d'oh missed the authors own page:



ps-> i think d'oh will actually be entering the OED this coming year.  who
would have thunk?

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