[nycbug-talk] cfengine user sought

pete at nomadlogic.org pete
Fri Sep 24 14:52:35 EDT 2004

> Do you know cfengine?
> I'm looking for someone to to teach me cfengine and
> possibly other related topics. I'm an experienced
> sysadmin looking to learn new technologies.
> I can pay in cash or bartered services and I
> understand that a professional's time is valuable.
> Please email back if you (or someone you know) knows
> cfengine well enough to teach to a beginner, and would
> like to pick up some extra karma points (or money!)
> You don't have to be an expert, I'd just like some
> help getting started.

I have found that this book has been quite helpfull getting my head around
cfengine, as well as many tasks a sysadmin may run into during automation

there is a reveiw here:

anyway it's a pretty good book and i would suggest it regardless if you
find anyone to help you out.


Pete Wright
email:  pete at nomadlogic.org
mobile: 917.415.9866
web:    www.nomadlogic.org/~pete

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