[nycbug-talk] the list

Dru dlavigne6
Sat Sep 25 19:34:21 EDT 2004

On Sat, 25 Sep 2004, Josh McCormack wrote:

> If not spoken for, I'd like these, please:
> 1-56592-127-5        Essential System Administration
> 1-59059-212-3        Automating Unix and Linux Administration
> 1-56592-871-7        Building Internet Firewalls
> As previously posted, if you're interested in a small hard drive from 1999 
> with a copy of Windows ME I'll trade you!

How's this? I've printed out the list and will write names as I hear them 
on a first-come, first-reserve basis. Check the archives to see if the 
book you're interested in is spoken for and if it isn't send an email to 
the list so others will see.


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