[nycbug-talk] Re: BSD Success Stories (fwd)

Dru dlavigne6
Sun Sep 26 15:33:13 EDT 2004

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Isaac Levy wrote:

> I happily disagree completely with the word 'fraction', so far as web hosting 
> and servers go- (the desktop is another thing altogether).
> Check out this netcraft survey for hosting providers,
> So, for this survey, (which is arguably a survey that really matters) the 
> BSD's are not represented as a fraction at all- and end up representing 
> pretty hardcore in the top half of that list, when viewed according to 
> performance.
>> But I also don't know to what extent most heavy duty users (eg, staff of 
>> Yahoo, Pair, Verio) make their presence known.  I think we're talking more 
>> quality than quantity when it comes to BSD users.. .

But are we advertising and pushing these facts? Show me the case studies. 
Show me magazine articles in major publications.

> For example, who really wants someone writing some lame article about the 
> BSD's in eWeek or that ilk?

The savvy BSD advocate. The one who realizes that we'll always be behind 
in drivers and in the marketplace in general unless we get the backing of 
big companies. And big companies don't back something they've never heard 

> IT managers and CIO's read that stuff, not tech books.  Do we want to get 
> before their eyes in that context?  Is that really best for the BSD's?  It 
> sure would bolster 'real world' business support... but at what cost to what 
> drives the BSD's?

YES!!!! Now, hopefully the person writing the article has some clue, but 
yes we want IT managers and CIOs reading about BSD. We want it to be 
something they've heard of when us techies want to implement a BSD 
solution. We don't want every sysadmin out there fighting a lone, uphill 
battle. Look at it this way, if I held the IT pursestrings, why on earth 
would I consider a product I have never even heard of? Or have vaguely 
heard that it's a good server product but behind the times as a desktop? 
Sure, there's news out there about BSD and most of it is FUD. Where's the 
news about the ease of customization, security, MAC framework, new 
drivers, etc? All the reasons why us techies love BSD in the first place.

It scares the hell out of me when a major company (O'Reilly) offers to 
back a promotional pamphlet and a simple change in personnel nixes the 
deal. And not one person has asked who the heck they can complain to 
regarding that unkept promise...

> I agree, as this may have to do with things like INSANELY GREAT MAN PAGES, 
> and projects like the FreeBSD Handbook.

Where's the glossy brochures extolling this particular virtue amongst 
the many other BSD virtues so I can give it out at trade shows and such?


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