[nycbug-talk] Re: BSD Success Stories (fwd)

Dru dlavigne6
Sun Sep 26 19:28:21 EDT 2004

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, O_Sleep wrote:

> Hello,
> The roadblock I have been running into, for FreeBSD adoption, is that it's 
> not certified to run with certain apps.  I am not really sure how to get 
> around this one except install FreeBSD on the machines with the excuse it's 
> easier to administer and fall back on RedHat or SUSE when required.  Have you 
> been able to convince any companies to support running their app in linux 
> abstraction layer since it is basically redhat?

This is another something I'll be throwing on the table at EuroBSDCon. 
Frankly, unless someone flies with the idea, it'll be at least a year or 
so before I start becoming more vocal about it. My partner is in the 
process of getting Postgresql certified and I'd like a first-hand look on 
how doable this process is and what type of timeframe, obstacle overcoming
and hard cash is involved.

Here is another missing part of advocacy (if anyone knows of an ongoing 
project regarding common criteria certification please clue me in) with a 
huge potential benefit of eligibility within the government and secure 
environments. Again, this is a focus that needs to be defined and 
addressed by the BSD community...

Bug me again a year from now, Bjorn :-) If something starts cooking before 
then, let the committee responsible know of your experience.


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