[nycbug-talk] BSDing windows

Kevin Reiter tux
Wed Sep 29 23:16:28 EDT 2004

: Do I need to create a bootable dos cdrom for this application or are
: there unix tools to resize a fat32 partition? Another way? Ideally I'd
: like to resize the dd image of the windows partition.

It's not UNIX, but you can create a bootable Linux CD that has QtParted,
among others, included on the CD:

A quote from the SystemRescueCD website:

"QtParted and PartGui:  This is the most interesting feature of this CDRom.
You can use these two graphical partition tools without XFree86 (they work
with QtEmbedded). They can be considered as the best free PartitionMagic
clones for Linux. They allow you to see a chart of your hard disk, create,
format, delete, and modify partitions. You must start with the Frame Buffer
in order for these utilities to work well. PartGui is not developed anymore,
then QtParted is the best choice."

I didn't find anything outside of using Linux for this from Google, but that
doesn't mean there isn't anything out there...


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