[nycbug-talk] BSDing windows

George Georgalis george
Thu Sep 30 01:03:47 EDT 2004

On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 11:16:28PM -0400, Kevin Reiter wrote:
>: Do I need to create a bootable dos cdrom for this application or are
>: there unix tools to resize a fat32 partition? Another way? Ideally I'd
>: like to resize the dd image of the windows partition.
>It's not UNIX, but you can create a bootable Linux CD that has QtParted,
>among others, included on the CD:
>A quote from the SystemRescueCD website:
>"QtParted and PartGui:  This is the most interesting feature of this CDRom.
>You can use these two graphical partition tools without XFree86 (they work
>with QtEmbedded). They can be considered as the best free PartitionMagic
>clones for Linux. They allow you to see a chart of your hard disk, create,
>format, delete, and modify partitions. You must start with the Frame Buffer
>in order for these utilities to work well. PartGui is not developed anymore,
>then QtParted is the best choice."
>I didn't find anything outside of using Linux for this from Google, but that
>doesn't mean there isn't anything out there...

Wow, that's great.... now I don't have to keep different size base
install dd images to rsync with backups via loopback, before I write the
partition, partition table and bootloader back to disk! all I need is
one small dd image and compressed archives to rsync in! If the OS didn't
suck eggs to begin with...  Woopie, now I can replace a corrupt install

Seriously, thanks.

// George

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