[nycbug-talk] more about OBSD 3.6 on the iMac

G. Rosamond george
Tue Jan 18 23:13:24 EST 2005

Btw, some insight into the issues. . .

Running XFCE4 for it. . . very nice. . . it's functioning as an always 
on BSD box that's quiet, compact and physically unobtrusive for nmap, 
ssh, gaim, etc.

No graphical browser works from OBSD ports, except Konqueror-embedded.  
It's the first time I've used the stand-alone, and it's fine.  Works 
just like coffee works for me: light and sweet.

cvsup is *not* ported to macppc on OBSD, but cvsync is. . . . haven't 
tried it out yet, but let others know.  From the OBSD-ppc archives, 
someone noted that it seems faster than cvsup.

I'll also post the nice MacBSD desktop image I have to the site at some 
point. . . email me offlist if you want it.  it's only 43k.


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