[Tor-BSD] ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/i386/packages-9-stable/All/tor*.tbz doesn't exist

Richard Childers fscked at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 9 20:28:38 EDT 2013

This seems to be a recent state of affairs because ../Latest/tor.tbz 
DOES exist, and it points to tor-, which, as reported, does 
not exist.

As reported in the Subject:, NONE of the Tor distributions seems to 
exist for FreeBSD 9.

So what version of FreeBSD is everyone using?

Where are you getting your Tor packages from?

I noticed this, because I am installing FreeBSd 9.1, and I saw that 
Vidalia was available as a port - and so I decided to see if it was 
available as a package.

It is available as a package, and so I installed it - without errors, I 
can show you the installation log.

But when I started it, it just hung. `vidalia -help` was tremendously 
helpful, but even with that, I couldn't tell what was happening, even 
with '-loglevel debug'.

Eventually I noticed that Vidalia's settings didn't have an absolute 
path to Tor, and I went looking for it, and couldn't find it.

I grepped through the log and was astonished to discover that Vidalia 
had not installed Tor!

So I went looking on ftp.freebsd.org, and my results are as reported, above.

Next, I'll try the 'ports' releases.

If this is by design it is not clear whom it is helping.



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