[Tor-BSD] How to get Vidalia running under FreeBSD 9.1

Richard Childers fscked at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 9 22:00:49 EDT 2013

In my last message I complained that

(a) Vidalia did not install Tor or mention that it needed to be 
installed separately,
(b) Tor was not available as a package, though evidence indicated it had 
been, recently
(c) Vidalia did not work and did not report on why it was not working.

Here's the workaround. Note that Vidalia requires an X Window manager as 
a prerequisite; installation and configuration of X Window managers is 
outside the scope of this document.

(1) Install Tor as a port.
(2) Do NOT set tor_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf
(3) Install Vidalia as a package.
(4) Copy /usr/local/etc/tor/torrc to ~/.vidalia/torrc
(5) Edit ~/.vidalia/torrc, if desired.
(6) Start the Vidalia X client from the command line, running in the 

     % vidalia -logfile /tmp/vidalia.log -loglevel debug &

(7) Monitor the logfile for problems:

     % tail -f /tmp/vidalia.log


If you find the work I did valuable, and you have money to spare, you 
can send contributions to your shameless author, at:

     Richard Childers
     POB 970
     Fortuna CA 95540

If there's any interest in similar work for Tor itself, please let me know.



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