[Tor-BSD] How to get Vidalia running under FreeBSD 9.1

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Tue Apr 9 23:10:45 EDT 2013

On 4/9/2013 10:41 PM, Richard Childers wrote:
>> Is this a joke..?

This is not misc@ so I'm going to be somewhat restrained here.

> Nope - no joke. Baby needs needs new shoes. What I did added value. I
> don't mind getting value back.

What you did added no value.

> I've been subscribed to the list for over a month. Haven't seen any
> traffic.

Then you haven't been reading.

> Either nobody knows how to start Tor, or nobody knows how to install
> Tor, or everybody's keeping mum on what they know.
> If the conversation is happening elsewhere, I'd love to hear where that
> 'elsewhere' is.

This list is for this type of conversation, but acting like a dick isn't 
gonna get you the responses you want.

> If there's someplace to send contributions for the Tor developers,
> please, post it.

You should consider reading the tor project's webpage if you're inclined 
to donate to them. They have plenty of quite good suggestions.

Or hey, if you're using one of the BSDs, consider donating to your 
favorite BSD project as well.

> Regards,
> ~richard
> PS: I agree that for things that one cares about, one should be using
> the 'ports' package. But if we feel that strongly about that, why not
> put a README in the FTP directory, so people know why the Tor packages
> were pulled?
> Personally, I'm building a proof-of-concept workstation, with an eye
> towards tackling the BSD desktop market; for my purposes - prototyping,
> only - packages are adequate.

Here's what you should have done:
* Contacted the MAINTAINER of the Vidalia port (not going to out him 
here, it's your responsibility to do your homework) and informed him of 
your issue.
* Contacted the FreeBSD ports@ list about your issue - do you think they 
don't want to know about it?
* Submitted your fix to the above-mentioned.
* Not beg for money when you added no value, and look like a complete 
tool doing it.

But hey, free world and all. Just don't expect anyone to read or respond 
to you.


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