[Tor-BSD] How to get Vidalia running under FreeBSD 9.1

Richard Childers fscked at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 9 22:41:57 EDT 2013

> Is this a joke..?

Nope - no joke. Baby needs needs new shoes. What I did added value. I 
don't mind getting value back.

I've been subscribed to the list for over a month. Haven't seen any traffic.

Either nobody knows how to start Tor, or nobody knows how to install 
Tor, or everybody's keeping mum on what they know.

If the conversation is happening elsewhere, I'd love to hear where that 
'elsewhere' is.

If there's someplace to send contributions for the Tor developers, 
please, post it.



PS: I agree that for things that one cares about, one should be using 
the 'ports' package. But if we feel that strongly about that, why not 
put a README in the FTP directory, so people know why the Tor packages 
were pulled?

Personally, I'm building a proof-of-concept workstation, with an eye 
towards tackling the BSD desktop market; for my purposes - prototyping, 
only - packages are adequate.

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