[Tor-BSD] FreeBSD/HardenedBSD - auto updating packages

Vinícius Zavam egypcio at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 26 11:38:10 EST 2018

2018-02-25 23:18 GMT+00:00 nusenu <nusenu-lists at riseup.net>:
> Shawn Webb:
> > So I learned a thing: pkg(8) has a variable called HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS
> > that will auto-restart any services of updated packages. A plugin
> > would still be needed if the admin _only_ wanted tor to be restarted.
> > Would you still like me to write that plugin?

AUTOCLEAN and PAGER can also be added to it,
or consider running `pkg clean -a -y` before/after the upgrade.

> I guess we are covered with HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS
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if one uses HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS other services will be impacted, not only
that could be mentioned on the wiki page.

considering that the server (jail?) will be running *only* Tor, give it a
try ...

Vinícius Zavam
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