[Tor-BSD] tor 0.3.2.x reaching end-of-life on 2018-10-09

Tim Kuijsten info at netsend.nl
Fri Oct 5 08:04:41 EDT 2018

What would be the best approach for those who are running Tor on OpenBSD 
stable (currently that is OBSD 6.3 with Tor (via ports)).

I assume the Tor port on 6.3 only gets updates for 0.3.2.x, not 0.3.3.x.  
So there will be a window where the port is not supported anymore by the 
Tor project and 6.4 with the new 0.3.4.x is still not out (only at 
November 1st).

I currently checkout out ports via cvs at the point where was 
committed and build on a 6.3 stable host. Manually distributed that 
binary to an 6.3 server and it looks like it runs, but it's not optimal.

Are there any consensus weight penalties for running 0.3.2.x after it's 

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this should also be on this list:

https://twitter.com/torproject/status/1045295783812235267 wrote:
> Tor 0.3.2.x will be EOL on October 9th. This
> means the network team will stop maintaining it, and 0.3.2.x will no
> longer receive security patches. Please upgrade before October 9th!
> Thank you for helping us keep the network strong

please upgrade your relays if you are on one of these lists:



tor-relays mailing list
tor-relays at lists.torproject.org

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