[Tor-BSD] tor 0.3.2.x reaching end-of-life on 2018-10-09

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Fri Oct 5 09:38:00 EDT 2018

Tim Kuijsten:
> What would be the best approach for those who are running Tor on OpenBSD
> stable (currently that is OBSD 6.3 with Tor (via ports)).

Yes, as 0.3.2.x is EOL'd tomorrow IIRC

> I assume the Tor port on 6.3 only gets updates for 0.3.2.x, not
> 0.3.3.x.  So there will be a window where the port is not supported
> anymore by the Tor project and 6.4 with the new 0.3.4.x is still not out
> (only at November 1st).


> I currently checkout out ports via cvs at the point where was
> committed and build on a 6.3 stable host. Manually distributed that
> binary to an 6.3 server and it looks like it runs, but it's not optimal.
> Are there any consensus weight penalties for running 0.3.2.x after it's
> eol?

Yes, I believe there is.

The is a few things to note:

* -stable packages are provided when updated. Although myself and Vigdis
have discussed doing something about this in the past...

* When a port version is deprecated, update the port yourself. Updating
to 0.3.4.x is simple enough... and I've been running for a while on a
bunch of servers. I think it just needed the version changed... check
openbsd doc to build.

* I did sent Pascal@ a diff for, which was pretty simple, but I
don't think the ports been updated.


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