[CDBUG-talk] starting out question

Steve Moon steve.moon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 20:07:33 EST 2004


My name is Steve Moon. I live in Latham, and work at Davis Vision, a
vision care company that administers vision-care benefits for about 12
million individuals. If you get a free pair of glasses and exam every
year or two through your healthcare coverage there's a good chance we
administer the benefit. Our non-mainframe systems are about 50/50
windows/linux. I've played with openbsd and use a mac for my primary
system (the perfect blend of unix and no-hassle functionality).

My first computer was a C64, and I had that or a C128 until about 1991
when I got a mac classic which I eventually (and to my deep regret)
sold and switched for a 386-40 running windows 3.1. Eventually I got
sick of windows, tried OS/2 for a (very brief) time, then discovered
linux around 1994. About 3-4 years ago I got tired of the linux hype,
and discovered the various BSD flavors.

I'm a long-time perl hacker and have been toying with python the past
couple of years. I also do a lot of work with databases and host a
"sagent" users web site (www.sagentusers.com).

I haven't participated in a local users group since my C64 days and
small BBS's, so am not sure what everyone is looking for. I'd hope to
have some kind of install-fest where we get together and get some
flavor of BSD installed and configured (e.g.: Dragonfly, Darwin,
OpenBSD, etc.) plus get to see what is 'better' about a particular
flavor. Am especially interested in meeting people with similar
interests (unix, open source, etc.).

Happy holidays-


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