[CDBUG-talk] Meeting plans

Jonathan Franks jfranks at ichabodcrane.org
Tue Dec 28 17:12:28 EST 2004

Hello folks.

Well, at this point there are ten members on the list (though at least 
some of them are out of area). It seems to me that it's time to discuss 
having our first meeting. If you would all prefer I can work on this and 
simply post a time and place, but I think it would be best if everyone 
had some input.

So what I'd like to know is this:

1. What day(s) of the week would be best for everyone?
2. What type of location (or specific location if you like) is preferred?

My criteria (which are not set in stone) are that the location should be 
free, and reasonably centrally located. Personally, weekends are easier 
for me, but any evenings except Tuesday or Friday are possible.

My thinking is that the agenda for the first meeting should probably be 
loose, with introductions and initial organizational discussion as the 
primary goal.


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