[CDBUG-talk] An idea of mine.

Steve Moon steve.moon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 16:01:07 EST 2005

> The other down side that I'm just thinking about is that I don't think 
> that RDP will deliver sound (though I'm not positive on this). While 
> this isn't critical, some of the edutainment programs they use are far 
> more engaging for the kids when the sound is on.....

The remote desktop client for Mac OS X (from Microsoft) has options for 
playing sound on the local computer. At first this didn't work, but the 
terminal service configuration program has an option to map audio 
devices which was disabled. I enabled it and was able to run itunes on 
the server, and playback through my client (perversely enough the 
itunes on my client was sharing out the mp3 file).

That was on a Windows 2003 server, RDP protocol 5.2

On a Windows 2000 server, RDP protocol 5.0, there is a "Audio Mapping" 
option on the screen (under "client settings" in the RDP-TCP 
properties), however it's grayed out and I don't see a way to turn it 
on. I couldn't get audio to work on that.

Of course Citrix has pretty much always supported audio, although 
unless you've already got it the expense would far outweigh a few dozen 

It looks like the rdesktop client supports audio mapping, but I haven't 
tried it.

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