[CDBUG-talk] An idea of mine.

Jonathan Franks jfranks214 at taconic.net
Wed Jan 5 22:15:20 EST 2005

> On a Windows 2000 server, RDP protocol 5.0, there is a "Audio Mapping" 
> option on the screen (under "client settings" in the RDP-TCP 
> properties), however it's grayed out and I don't see a way to turn it 
> on. I couldn't get audio to work on that.

Well, that's what led me to believe that it was unsupported. All of our
Windows servers are 2000. That's the thing about school districts...
current technology is rare. This is the main reason I brought FreeBSD
in. The trick is getting the administration to get on board with
something they've never heard of. Free is appealing, of course, but
getting them to trust it is another matter.

> Of course Citrix has pretty much always supported audio, although 
> unless you've already got it the expense would far outweigh a few 
> dozen batteries.

We looked at Citrix initially when I was selling the administration on
terminal services, but the cost was astronomical compared to simple RDP.
It might not be out of the question now, though, given the success we've
had. Frankly I'd like to provide thin clients to underprivileged
students at home.... though I'd rather do it with OS X.... but alas
Apple doesn't support this. (I know you can do X forwarding with OS X,
but you can't forward Aqua... which I find frustrating. I tried to start
a discussion on this in their forums, but they deleted my post claiming
it was non technical....sigh)

> It looks like the rdesktop client supports audio mapping, but I 
> haven't tried it.
I wasn't aware of this. I'll look in to it, but if the server doesn't
support it, well....


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