[CDBUG-talk] What to load?

Steve Moon steve.moon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 22:18:33 EST 2005

I've recently freed up an IBM T20 thinkpad, 700MHz, 256MB RAM, 12GB
hard drive, mostly dead battery.

What BSD should I load up on it? I tried the dragonfly bootable iso
which seemed to start OK. In terms of using it as a laptop, which BSD
is best to play with?

I haven't loaded a *nix style system on a laptop in ages, and back in
the day pcmcia support, power management, etc. was all a black art
that mostly didn't work. I get the impression that some things, e.g.:
suse linux will get things configured very well. Any BSDs that are
known to work well on this kind of hardware?

And yes, I know I could RTFM, but isn't the whole point of this group
to talk about this kind of stuff?

Any thoughts appreciated.


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