[CDBUG-talk] Introduction

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Sun Jan 23 11:04:46 EST 2005

Good Morning,

Just a quick note to introduce myself. "Hi my name is Patrick, and I am 
an addict".  Ok now that we got that out of the way, here is a quick 
blurb about me.  I am an engineer for a regional ISP located in Albany. 
  We are 98% FreeBSD based.  At home I run OpenBSD (firewall), 
NetBSD(dreamcast), FreeBSD (Servers), MacOSX(Workstations), Irix (on the 
  SGI's), and SunOS/OpenBSD on the suns.  I guess you could say I kinda 
all over the place.  Have been looking forward to joining a group to get 
among some like minded individuals.


Patrick Muldoon
Network/Software Engineer
INOC (http://www.inoc.net)
PGPKEY (http://www.inoc.net/~doon)
Key ID: 0x370D752C

micro$oft: "where do you want to go today?"
linux: "where do you want to go tomorrow?"
BSD: "are you guys coming, or what?"

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