[CDBUG-talk] samba encryption

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Tue Mar 1 21:50:19 EST 2005

Steve Moon wrote:

>Anyone know if there's a way to get Samba data streams (not passwords)
>encrypted over the wire?
>i.e.: I copy a file from F:\blah\file.txt to C:\blah\file.txt, the
>file goes over the network encrypted, and is decrypted on my desktop.
>Any thoughts/help appreciated.
VPN   / IPSec? 

AFAIK that would be the only way to do it,  besides manual 
ecpryption/decryption, but since I don't do all that much with SMB there 
is a chance I acould be wrong :)  I am assuming you are using a variant 
of Windows based on Drive Paths  You could build an IPSec tunnel betweek 
the 2 machines, or are you looking for a a network wide way (IE copying 
between 2 arbritrary machines)?


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