[CDBUG-talk] samba encryption

Jameel Akari jakari at bithose.com
Tue Mar 1 22:04:32 EST 2005

Hi all, just joining in on CDBUG.
(Blame Jesse.)

>> Anyone know if there's a way to get Samba data streams (not passwords)
>> encrypted over the wire?

> VPN   / IPSec? 
> AFAIK that would be the only way to do it,  besides manual 
> ecpryption/decryption, but since I don't do all that much with SMB there is a 
> chance I acould be wrong :)  I am assuming you are using a variant of Windows

Samba can get by with just one port (139/tcp), which means you can in 
theory do it with ssh port forwarding.

Here's somebody who got it to work with a windows client:

It goes the extra step of configuring a second loopback interface to tie 
the client side of the "tunnel" to.  Which you don't need to do if you 
don't have Samba (or Windows File+Print) running on your client, but it's 
a neat trick anyway.

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