[CDBUG-talk] PPPoA ... ?

Patrick Muldoon doon at inoc.net
Tue Nov 8 12:59:21 EST 2005

On Nov 8, 2005, at 12:51 PM, Jonathan Franks wrote:

> Thank you, sir. Just to make certain that I understand, I would set  
> the external interface of my OBSD FW to use DHCP, set the modem to  
> "half-bridge" and essentially be all set?

If half-bridge works the same was as ZIPB does, then yes.  It should  
term the PPP conneciton and then basically bridge it to the Inside  
interface.  I am not sure if your modem will use DHCP to assign the  
address out, but the BestData's that our ISP's use do it that way..

Before you go messing with the OBSD side of things,  just set your  
modem to half-bridge, plug in a computer and see if it can dhcp :)

> I'm interested to try using pppoe just to find out if it would  
> work, but I think that the above does indeed sound like the way to  
> go....

I don't have access to the box that I was using PPPoE on to grab its  
config at the moment or I would inlcude it, but all I did was follow  
the howto and change the username/password.


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