[CDBUG-talk] November Meeting

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Sun Nov 27 22:33:43 EST 2005

At 3:57 PM -0500 11/23/05, Jonathan Franks wrote:
>I'd like to try to have a meeting this Sunday. It's short notice,
>and a holiday weekend, so it might not be the best time, but it
>is the scheduled time, so it seems as good as any....

>So, unless someone has a better alternative, let's say Panera at
>Latham farms at 5:30 on Sunday? Let me know what you think...

Well, I managed to stop by (despite having the power going out
at my apartment about a forty-five minutes before I was going
to leave, making things a bit trickier for me...).  Given the
short notice, there wasn't any major topic and we (Jonathan and
I) just chatted about various firewall issues we've dealt with
recently, and a few other recent projects.  Jonathan was also
interested in getting issues with kerberos authentication for
multiple platforms, but I haven't done enough with kerberos to
be of any help there.

It is highly likely that we'll pick a different spot for the
next meeting.  If nothing else, we'll try the Panera's in
East Greenbush instead of the one in Latham.

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