[CDBUG-talk] Dell GX1 Optimplex 450L+

bsduser bsduser at gfoyle.org
Sat Feb 18 09:25:18 EST 2006

I tried installing FreeBSD-6.0-RELEASE on an old Dell GX1 Optimplex
450L+ at work yesterday but didn't get far. The installer says it can't
find the hard disk controller. Of course I tried different BIOS settings
(there is no setting to turn off Plug and Play, unfortunately). Googling
didn't come up with much.

Is is worth trying an older FreeBSD version or is that just not a good
platform for FreeBSD?


p.s. After I removed the FreeBSD install CD I find that SuSE Linux SLES
9 is still running on the box, so I know it's not faulty hardware.

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