[CDBUG-talk] FW: Dell GX1 Optimplex 450L+

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Sun Feb 19 08:41:06 EST 2006

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>I have 6.0 running on a slightly newer GX110, and 
>I've loaded past versions on GX1's without trouble. 
>I think I might have one of these at work, though, 
>so I'll give it a shot on Monday and let you know 
>what I come up with, if I have time. 

The little light bulb popped into my brain last night ;-) and I realized
I had some kind of ancient Dell box piled in my own personal archives. I
dug it out this morning - it is an Optiplex GX1 550Mbr+ and when I
booted with the same FreeBSD-6.0-RELEASE-i386 CD it found the hard drive
without a problem. I don't know enough about Dell to know if there are
any architecture differences among GX1's but it wouldn't surprise me.
Now that my brain is awake again, I recall we do have a few other GX1's
sitting in the lab and I can probably swap RAM and hard drives and what
not, if I get a few spare moments next week.

I'll let you all know what I find out.


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