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Hi all.

I'm forwarding this, but making no claims of validity. I'm not sure how our
little list ended up on this guys radar, and I can't say for certain if the
request is ligitimate. I was uncertain whether to forward it or not, but in
the end I figured that I would let each of you draw your own conclusions.


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Subject: Open Source Research
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Dear Webmaster

I am the webmaster of the Linux/Open Source Society and User Group based at
the University of Salford in the UK. I am also doing a PhD investigating the
community aspects of Free and Open Source Software use and development. To
collect information on this, I have prepared a short questionnaire, which I
am distributing to Open Source User Groups. I would very much appreciate it
if you could forward this link to the members of your User Group, and if you
can spare the time, complete the questionnaire yourself. Additionally if you
know any other users or developers of Free and Open Source Software who may
be interested in participating in the survey, then please pass the link on
to them. The questionnaire is available at

Thanks very much for your time.

Kind regards,

Andrew Schofield

Webmaster USSU Linux Society
University of Salford
Greater Manchester
M5 4WT

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