[CDBUG-talk] Sharity Light, OpenBSD 3.8 and XP Pro sp2

Jonathan Franks jonathan.franks at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 19:24:33 EST 2006

Hi all,

On a recent install I implemented an OpenBSD server in a small office. It's
doing dhcp, Dynamic DNS, and running Samba. Samba is acting as a domain
controller. In the near future I'll also be implementing a database with a
web front end to track some very basic data for the client. So that's a
little background. As part of my backup strategy I've installed a DVD burner
in the server, but I'd also planned to do a nightly back up to the network
(one of the workstations has a large HDD, so I created a partition
specifically for this purpose). The idea being that in the event of a crash
the data would essentially be instantly available. (at least up to the last
backup, obviously).

Since this is a windows share, I'm trying to use Sharity-Light to mount it,
but this is proving elusive. I've not had much difficulty using shlight at
work with Windows 2000 servers, but in this case I'm trying to access XP pro
SP 2 and no matter what I try I am getting an "access denied" error. The
Windows "firewall" is disabled on the box in question.

I've tried various usernames, including the Samba domain user that the user
logs in to the machine with, a local administrative account from the Windows
box, and even root. No luck. The partition is formatted ntfs, and shared. At
this point the security is set to allow Everyone full control, though I plan
to change this once I get this working......I'm sorry that I can't be more
specific tonight, as I'm not near the system, but I'll be there in the next
couple of days so I can provide more info if need be.

Anyhow, has anyone used Sharity light to access XP Pro SP2? Any pointers,
tips or ideas will be appreciated.

Is it worth trying Sharity? I notice they have an OpenBSD Binary available,
though it was compiled on 3.6 and requires installing a couple of
3.6libraries... is this advisable? (
http://www.obdev.at/products/sharity/download.html ) .


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