[CDBUG-talk] Sharity Light, OpenBSD 3.8 and XP Pro sp2

Steve Moon steve.moon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 00:44:58 EST 2006

I've had trouble connecting to an XP SP2 box as well. I was trying to
connect my mac and windows boxes via firewire for some *high*speed* (40% as
fast as Gbe) file transfer. In this case I gave up after about 15 minutes
since I could share the other way around -- made no difference to me.

I too turned off firewall and set very lax permissions. I think this has
something to do with the SP2 lockdown. Could you use something a little more
'unix-y' like setting up rsync on the windows box (e.g.: cygwin)? I belive
XP can act as an FTP server -- not sure if that would work for you or not.

On 1/12/06, Jonathan Franks <jonathan.franks at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> On a recent install I implemented an OpenBSD server in a small office.
> It's doing dhcp, Dynamic DNS, and running Samba. Samba is acting as a domain
> controller. In the near future I'll also be implementing a database with a
> web front end to track some very basic data for the client. So that's a
> little background. As part of my backup strategy I've installed a DVD burner
> in the server, but I'd also planned to do a nightly back up to the network
> (one of the workstations has a large HDD, so I created a partition
> specifically for this purpose). The idea being that in the event of a crash
> the data would essentially be instantly available. (at least up to the last
> backup, obviously).
> Since this is a windows share, I'm trying to use Sharity-Light to mount
> it, but this is proving elusive. I've not had much difficulty using shlight
> at work with Windows 2000 servers, but in this case I'm trying to access XP
> pro SP 2 and no matter what I try I am getting an "access denied" error. The
> Windows "firewall" is disabled on the box in question.
> I've tried various usernames, including the Samba domain user that the
> user logs in to the machine with, a local administrative account from the
> Windows box, and even root. No luck. The partition is formatted ntfs, and
> shared. At this point the security is set to allow Everyone full control,
> though I plan to change this once I get this working......I'm sorry that I
> can't be more specific tonight, as I'm not near the system, but I'll be
> there in the next couple of days so I can provide more info if need be.
> Anyhow, has anyone used Sharity light to access XP Pro SP2? Any pointers,
> tips or ideas will be appreciated.
> Is it worth trying Sharity? I notice they have an OpenBSD Binary
> available, though it was compiled on 3.6 and requires installing a couple
> of 3.6 libraries... is this advisable? (
> http://www.obdev.at/products/sharity/download.html ) .
> Thanks!
> -Jonathan
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