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Jonathan Franks jonathan.franks at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 00:17:29 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Well It's Sunday evening and I got in from PA at around 6pm or so. I don't
know if any of you managed to pull together at Panera, but clearly I was
unavailable. I would like to have attended a meeting, though.

Here's the thing... I had several replies off list expressing interest, and
one tentative commitment. I think that this is great and all, but if we are
going to become a cohesive group I think it's important to work these things
out on list. It's true that I've organized the group and to date I have set
every meeting, however if I am unavailable or ill or dead, I'd like to think
that the group would be capable of working around this.

My point?

Please reply to the list if your comments, statements, ramblings,
pontifications, etc, are related in any way to the group, our meetings, or
our organization.

It would seem that there are a number of people who would like to "begin to
participate". This is wonderful and all of you are welcome.  I would propose
that the most immediate avenue of participation, and the one that takes the
least effort on your part would be to simply make sure that your
communication makes it to the entire group, and not just to me.

I'm really excited about the surge in interest, but this group is not about
me... it's about you... all of you. I'm happy to manage the list and to
coordinate the meetings, but if we aren't talking to each other we're just
not thinking like a group. I'm human and I am a pretty busy person... I'd
like to think that if i am unable to make a meeting the group isn't going
fizzle. Given the number of people on the list and the number of off list
contacts I've had, this shouldn't be a concern.... but if nobody in the
group but me knows you're there, there is little hope that you'll be able to
organize without me.


Please please please please..... send to and reply to the list. I think we'd
all like to hear from you, and I am certain that there are more interesting
and knowledgeable people on the list for all of you to talk to. Let's do
this together... what do you say?

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