[CDBUG-talk] FW: alternative for 'screen'?

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Thu May 1 10:47:19 EDT 2008

James L. Lauser wrote:

> JV Hays wrote:
>> After installing FreeBSD 7 under VMWare this morning I see to my dismay
>> there is no port available for the GNU screen program (evidently there
>> is/was a security flaw). What do you guys recommend as an alternative?
>> -JV Hays
>> p.s.  I prefer to avoid compiling the program. The main reason I installed
>> FreeBSD is that most (evidently not all) of what I need is available as a
>> package under FreeBSD - and once again I spent 2-3 hours last week
>> attempting to compile a program from source code under Linux which installed
>> in 2 seconds under FreeBSD. But no screen?! 

 > I have screen installed on several of my systems, and I've not noticed
 > any report from portaudit about there being an outstanding security 
 > --  James L. Lauser
 >      james at jlauser.net
 >      Owner, jlauser.net Hosting Services
 >      http://jlauser.net/

I suspect an out of date ports tree for the original poster.  According 
to http://www.freshports.org/sysutils/screen/ the last vuln related to 
version 4.0.2_4 which was replaced by 4.0.3 on 26 Oct 2006 05:27:46

Dan Langille

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