[CDBUG-talk] TODAY: CDBUG Meeting - Giving your first tech talk: an analysis of an OpenBSD talk

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Tue Nov 11 00:09:16 EST 2014

Hi cdbug-talk --

Reminder that today, November 11, at 6:45 PM at INOC (80 State St., 
Albany), CDBUG will be holding its regular monthly meeting. Hope to see 
everyone there!

As mentioned before, there will be give-aways in the form of review 
copies of "The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating 
System, 2nd Ed."



Giving your first tech talk: an analysis of an OpenBSD talk

Whether it's for work, CDBUG, or anywhere in-between, giving talks is a 
skill everyone should have in their back pocket. This talk reviews an 
OpenBSD talk given in October at RPISEC, the computer security club at 
RPI. It details aspects the speaker thought went well and what did not, 
followed by an overview of how the speaker approaches giving talks. It 
will end with a discussion on how to begin giving your own talks in a 
no-pressure, supportive atmosphere such as CDBUG.

Speaker Bio:
Brian is a Ph.D. student in the Science and Technology Studies 
department at RPI, interested in studying local community formation 
around Free and Open Source Software projects. He is also an OpenBSD 
developer, focusing primarily on ports.

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