[CDBUG-talk] Installfest this weekend? And November CDBUG meeting.

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Thu Oct 30 21:40:37 EDT 2014

Hi team --

I'm pretty sure our CDs arrived (I've been in MA on a fieldwork trip all 
week this week, I return to Troy late tomorrow night).

I know it's late notice: but do we want to have an installfest this 
weekend? (provided I do actually have the CDs) Is there a place we can 
all meet up to do it?

Also, and I'll send a more formal announcement email later on, the next 
CDBUG meeting will be Tuesday, November 11 at INOC in Albany (time will 
probably be around 6:45PM - address and official time to be hammered out 
soon!). It'll be me talking about how I approach giving technical talks. 
I'll be talking about the RPISEC talk I gave last week, chatting what I 
thought worked, what didn't work, how I approach giving talks, and how 
people who want to give tech talks (be it at work, CDBUG, elsewhere) can 
start thinking about doing it themselves.

So I hear in December there is a meta-user group party that's held. 
Which is awesome and we should try to make it out there as a collective 
and hype up CDBUG. But I also want to hold a CDBUG meeting in December, 
and you're all invited to participate! This is something that has worked 
really well for NYC*BUG over the years:
Everyone who wants gets 5-10 minutes to give a talk/rant about some 
topic of their choice (think: mini-Festivus for you Seinfeld fans)
Topics can include things like:
* What I don't get about *BSD.
* What the BSDs do for me.
* Things the BSDs should be doing better.
* I'm having this problem with *BSD, let me throw it out to everyone and 
see if we can come up with a solution.

So if you want in, post a message to the list and let us know!

Finally, some administrative stuff:
1. There is now a cdbug-admin at lists.nycbug.org list you can ping if you 
have ideas for talks of your own.
2. There is now a #cdbug channel on freenode. Come on in and hang out!

Please (and feel free) to forward this email on to others in the tech 
world (no *BSD experience needed).

Talk to you all soon!


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