[CDBUG-talk] Let's have a meetup, which doesn't have to be a meeting!

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Thu Sep 4 21:06:44 EDT 2014

Howdy --

Some talk on lily spurred a new email from me. Let's talk seriously 
about getting together. Doesn't have to be formal. But I'd at least like 
to get to know everyone (and hey - reunion for you guys!)

I'm gonna drag everyone out of the woodwork here. So don't be shy! At 
least respond, say hi, and hopefully we'll see you soon.

I think the consensus on lily was to do an early weekday night 
(Monday/Tuesday) and go to a bar/pub of some sort. A couple places with 
what I'm assuming were small gathering rooms were tossed out as ideas 
(please fill in my memory lapses).

So yeah! Let's make this happen. Nothing formal, not putting anyone on 
the spot, just meet, greet, hang out, and have fun.


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